Tip of the month for January 2011

Low in immunity?

Take probiotics, the ‘friendly bacteria’, to improve your immunity. 70% of our immune cells are found in the digestive system. The friendly bacteria coats the lining of your intestines and acts as a barrier to bacteria and viruses. If you have taken, or are taking, antibiotics it is particularly important to take a course of probiotics, as antibiotics also kill the good bacteria in the gut often leading to lowered immunity and thrush. Avoid sugary drinks with ‘friendly bacteria’, these are very high in sugar. Sugar is detrimental for our gut and so any benefit is lost. One pot of Actimel would give you one-quarter to one-third of the maximum amount of sugar you should have each day. Instead go to health food shop and buy a good quality probiotic supplement. One capsule per day can supply up to 10 billion good bacteria. It works out much cheaper too!

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