Tip of the month June 2011

Did you know that while young children naturally dislike foods that they are allergic to, adults crave foods they are allergic to? So, if you crave sugary foods, junk food, bread, dairy, etc. you are likely to have a problem with this food. The addiction makes it difficult to make the dietary changes, but if you manage to avoid the problem food for 2 weeks, it starts to get a easier to do so. HK can help you to become more energetically robust and supports any changes you wish to make in life, improving your wellbeing and happiness. Read a little bit more about foods, allergies and addictions here http://www.livestrong.com/article/15012-what-is-the-allergy-addiction-syndrome/

Photo of Minna Oldfield Hi, I'm Minna. I help my clients to let go of limiting beliefs, past hurts and traumas and optimise their health so that they can reach their goals and have fulfilling lives, relationships and careers.



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