Tip of the month December 2011

As many indulge in rich food and alcohol at this time of the year, there are simple ways to support your body. Keep hydrated by increasing your water consumption. Divide your body weight in kilos by 30 to calculate the amount of water in litres you require on a normal day. To rehydrate after a heavy night mix 6 level teaspoons of sugar and one level teaspoon of salt in one litre of water, mix well and drink. Alcohol irritates stomach lining, to prevent and help with this take friendly bacteria in a sugar and additive free capsule form, these are readily available in health food shops and on line (e.g. acidophilus and others). To help with digestion of heavy and rich foods take digestive enzyme supplement, available as above. Digestive enzymes are produced by healthy bodies, but occasionally a boost is of benefit. Take with each rich meal. It is the stomach acids that break down the food and antacids such as Rennie do not help with this due to their alkalising effect. Take milk thistle supplement to support your liver.
Happy Christmas!

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