Tip of the month January 2014

There is a vast difference between simple sugars – the refined processed kind usually added to foods – and the slow-releasing carbohydrates (wholegrains, pulses, fruit and veg.) that the body converts to glucose to use as fuel. One is ageing, the other is vital. Simple sugar is involved in four of the ageing processes – acidication, inflammation, emilinative slowdown and hormonal imbalance. A diet full of highly sugared foods slows the body’s ability to regenerate itself and so speeds the ageing process. On an everyday level it causes aching joints, cravings, flabby belly, lack of muscle tone, lowered alertness, mood swings, puffy eyes, spots, tooth decay and wrinkles. Sugar has been shown to sorten life span, hence its nickname ‘white death’. It is the most ageing food of all. -E. Peyton-Jones, dietician
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