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Supplements and Advice sells all brands of supplements that I test for. I have an affiliation with them for the benefit of my clients. To get 10% discount as my client: register on their site, add me (Minna Oldfield) as your practitioner and then add BWN010 (zero, one, zero) in the promo box at the check-out.

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Tip of the month May 2014

A study of mobile devices and mobile masts (base stations) effect on health published has been in the British Medical Journal: Results The symptoms most related to exposure were: Lack of appetite lack of concentration irritability trouble sleeping Changes in ‚Äì2 log likelihood showed similar results. Concerns about the BSs were strongly related with trouble sleeping. The exposure variable […]

Tip of the month April 2014

“Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”. Albert Einstein Health Kinesiology can be very successful in releasing negative thinking and behaviour patterns. If your thinking and behaviour is causing you or others unhappiness, it can be addressed. Change yourself to change your life.