HK2: The Science of Health Kinesiology‚Ñ¢

I am going on a sabbatical from HK teaching from May 2015. For training enquiries please contact the other tutors via My clinic is running as usual, see you there!

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This class offers the detailed Health Kinesiology‚Ñ¢ approach to the theory of life BioEnergy and how it functions in the human body.

Prerequisite: HK1

HK2 BioEnergy Techniques:

  • The comprehensive SET Correction for BioEnergy allergy, tolerance, and detoxification
  • BioEnergy Corrections for electromagnetic & BioEnergy spin imbalances
  • Using magnets to enhance healing
  • Tissue Energy Balance
  • Membrane Configuration corrections for unblocking the energies of cell membrane receptor sites and enhancing the movement of nutrients through cell membranes
  • Additional methods for self-testing
  • The Client Specified Issue session structure is introduced

The very extensive class manual includes illustrations, Resources List, and copies of a number of Jimmy Scott’s Ph.D. magazine articles. (Jimmy Scott is the originator of Health Kinesiology‚Ñ¢).

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