The Power of Health Kinesiology

“Kinesiology, a life-changing experience”  The Times

Health kinesiology is a non-diagnostic complementary therapy.  It goes well hand in hand with medical treatments by helping to optimise your immunity, vitality and well-being.  If you are concerned about any symptoms you are experiencing, please always initially consult your GP and then I am here to help you to regain your mental, emotional or physical health as much as it’s possible for you.

Health Kinesiology corrections balance various energy flows of the body.  These energy flow problems can come about due to emotional baggage we carry around, past traumas, accidents, toxins, etc.  Balancing the energy flows then allows your body to do what it does best; to bring itself back into optimum vitality and wellbeing. You will feel clearer, lighter, happier and healthier.

Health Kinesiology is renowned for its ability to accurately pinpoint and balance energy flow imbalances at a deep level.  The sessions combine gentle muscle testing with the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine identifying and re-balancing energy flow problems and bringing about optimum health as a result.  We believe that our emotional, mental and physical health is a direct mirror of the energies within and immediately around us in the aura and that, where possible, balancing those energies allows your body to heal itself.

Sessions are unique to each individual and every session varies from the next.  You do not need to fully understand why you have a problem in order to benefit.  Health Kinesiology is not a talking therapy.  In the session you lie fully clothed on a treatment couch and generally participate in the session in some way.  We gently hold acupoints to balance your energy system, and then use gentle muscle testing to determine what weakens or stresses your energy systems.  These same ‘stressors’, together with holding specific acupoints, are then used as the means to release the energy flows and bring them back into balance.

As well as helping with your actual concerns, the sessions tend to leave you feeling more positive and purposeful.  A comment I frequently hear from my clients is that they feel like they have found themselves. Wouldn’t that be a nice feeling?

I offer Health Kinesiology sessions in Stockton Heath (WA4) , and Wilmslow (SK9), Cheshire, convenient for both Liverpool and Manchester areas.  I run Health Kinesiology training courses in Morley, Wilmslow.

Watch me on YouTube; What is health kinesiology?

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