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Due to the recent changes in Advertising Standard Agency guidelines that require proof of scientific evidence for any improvements/claims presented, I am no longer allowed to include client testimonials which include statements where clients discuss the benefits they have experienced for the specific reasons they had HK for. Where there are gaps in the testimonials, these have been removed. Other testimonials have been removed completely for this reason. As the benefits by most complimentary therapies cannot be scientifically proven, we rely even more on word of mouth recommendations.

My clients come to me with a variety of concerns and HK clientele is very similar to that of an acupuncturist or of a homeopath.

If you have any further questions, please call me.

Here is a small selection of my health kinesiology client testimonials:-

“Thanks for the (distant) Emotion Code session today. What fascinating stuff! I was able to connect very strongly to each of the events you mentioned and have felt a really pleasant sense of lightness today which I guess will stay with me since all that trapped emotion has been lifted from my shoulders. Hurrah!”

Jo, East Yorkshire

“I am lucky; unequivocally my HK specialist has to be one of the best”.

Jo R, Grappenhall

“I have done it! I have resigned today! I got the job that I want and am so excited. It wouldn’t have ever happened without you so that you so much!”

Heather C.

“I found Minna through my search for alternate ways to address my sons various clinical and developmental conditions outside of what the NHS and Osteopathy can offer.  I had a few sessions with her myself to see what I thought of HK and was astounded by her level of skill, intuition and resolve to get to the bottom of ‘issues’.  Max now loves going to see Minna as well, which reflects on her personal nature and that of HK as a therapy.  Importantly, as his nature doesn’t really enable to ‘participate’ or ‘contribute’ – it’s a lovely, passive therapy!  When we found Minna Max had many complex issues of great concern to me that were not being addressed by ‘traditional’ routes. In a very short space of time I have seen him grow stronger in many ways physically, mentally and emotionally. Thank you Minna. I can’t tell enough people about you!”

Sarah, Cheshire

“Hi Minna, just wanted to say thank you for re-balancing things for me – I feel much better now than when I came to see you. Also, my aches are less so I am more mobile and not in pain all the time. Thank you and see you in December”.

Karen, Manchester

“I have had a great response, I feel so in control in all the situations I was concerned about. It is amazing how I now feel since having Health Kinesiology. People are commenting on how well I look. ** since having Health Kinesiology, I cannot believe the difference in how I feel. It is fantastic, unbelievable almost. Thank you so much, Minna, I have given so many people your number”.

Debbie, Warrington

“During the last four months I have separated from my partner, moved house and lost my dad. Throughout this difficult time Minna has proved herself to be a priceless therapist. She has carried out one hands on HK session, two ’emergency’ distant HK sessions and sent me a personalised blend of essences. I feel certain that without Minna’s assistance I would be an emotional and physical wreck. Thank you Minna from the bottom of my heart.”

Alison, Malpas

“Harry liked Minna straight away as she put him at ease allowing him to play and read books while she chatted to him. In this first session Minna identified a resistance in Harry to the brown inhaler. I confirmed that he would not take the brown one and we had to swap the cases over and use only the blue case for both inhalers. I am unsure what Minna did next, I know Harry took the brown inhaler without problems after this”.

L.M. and H.M. Warrington

“I now have self-worth, more confidence and I’m a happier person. I enjoy meeting and talking to people, family and friends. I’m calmer and more in control when meeting people. I no longer find it an ordeal. My circumstances haven’t changed but the way I cope and deal with them has. I’m now finding that I’m enjoying life and I want to live it. I also now wake up at a reasonable time feeling refreshed and keen to enjoy the day. I have lots of energy”.

Ms L.T. Cheshire

“Sometimes, whilst having treatment, the ‘issues’ that come up make you wonder if Minna is actually psychic as they are so accurate! Amazing. Thanks once again for making me feel ‘normal'”.

Ann R, Manchester

“I particularly appreciated the way in which Minna was there to guide me, and explain as seemed right, but was otherwise a presence, and not an intrusive teacher in any way. What seemed even more amazing was that everything she anticipated did actually happen – from the calmness to the agitation, to the serenity”. “In summary, I remain in awe of the whole process but most thankful too”.

S.W.F. Merseyside

“Health Kinesiology has helped me to make positive changes in my career and in my relationships. Health Kinesiology is a deeply relaxing and amazingly insightful experience”.

J.F. Warrington

“I feel a lot more positive. I now look forward to the future instead of dwelling on the past. I am a happier person for it and would recommend it to anyone”.


“Confidence and ease with the therapist for me is vital. Minna enables me to feel comfortable – which means I’m open and relaxed within a trusting relationship. I am the focus of sessions. It is my time. Probably the first and only time in my life that my needs have been so prioritised. The non-judgemental and non-intrusive process of Health Kinesiology addresses issues without the need for the verbalised, often harrowing soul-searching of many therapies arising out of other probing approaches. It is empowering that I don’t have to consciously work at/on identifying/verbalising these issues. It is still surprising what issues arise. Health Kinesiology has made a huge and significant difference to my wellbeing. I would recommend Health Kinesiology to anyone”.

Mrs R. Warrington

“I first looked into Kinesiology to find help for motivational issues in my life. I had felt lost most of my life, and have always had difficulties in determining what my role and path in life is. Health Kinesiology helped me to concentrate on one idea and I was able to stay focused to achieve a qualification and a profession, which I had previously not considered myself able for. I have used Health Kinesiology further to resolve issues within my family, as we have gone through concerns with teenage children and changing forces in our family unit. If you are locked into a particular pattern of thinking, Health Kinesiology frees you and gives you ability to change any restrictive thinking. When your thinking changes, your actions will change and in your own time, you are able to make required steps to achieve more in your life”.

Mrs R.B. Manchester

“After the last two treatments my energy levels improved like never before. I still have those same energy levels now – brilliant. I now have a more positive outlook on life. I’m more balanced, I can work, rest and play. A very unusual treatment, but it works. It was life changing for me”.


“Minna was a positive and helpful practitioner, I enjoyed the treatments. I am now much more aware of my emotions, moving on to happiness. Positive experiences have stayed with me, I would recommend Health Kinesiology, and Minna as a practitioner to family and friends”.

Val, Warrington

“In our experience, Health Kinesiology was a non-invasive therapy that instigated and promoted balance, calm and inner peace. It proved to be the neutraliser to our concern”.

Jan, Lymm

“Trust, openness and excellent and natural relationship with the therapist made it easy to accept the process itself”.

J.R. Warrington

“Health Kinesiology has helped my family more than I can express in writing. Health Kinesiology was recommended to me by a trusted college tutor. I didn’t understand how it worked, but everything was always explained fully and the sessions were adapted to suit our son’s very young age. I have no doubt in my mind that Health Kinesiology has improved my son’s wellbeing. I have no hesitation in recommending Health Kinesiology and regard it to be a very accurate therapy where results are proven”.

C.R. Merseyside with regard to son’s treatment

“The sessions sometimes were deeply relaxing and very powerful. Immediately after the session I felt a little tired and thoughtful, but as the days passed I felt myself becoming stronger and more positive. My goals were totally met through the sessions. I am now more positive. I have joined a gym and set time out for myself without feeling guilty. My head is clearer. I can strongly recommend this therapy and its outcomes. My husband, who is very sceptical about a lot of therapies, has been completely shocked at its accurate assessments, especially of our son. I hope this letter can reassure anyone to try Health Kinesiology. I also hope this letter can express my gratitude to Minna for helping us all so very much”.

C.R. Merseyside

“Following my visits to you, I always left feeling very calm and peaceful, as if a weight had been lifted off my mind. I know it seems strange to say this, but I often felt as if I was floating. On one or two occasions when I returned to my car after a treatment, I got very upset and cried a lot. This left me feeling exhausted, but very relieved. It never ceased to amaze me how you were able to pinpoint exactly what bit of me required attention. Sometimes it was almost as if you could read my inner most thoughts, right down to telling me what I was not eating at that particular time! After my brother’s death, I found it very difficult to cope with the terrible feelings I was experiencing because he had died young and I was still living. I have come to terms with these feelings, this is a direct result of my visits to you, but find that not a day goes by that I don’t think of him, always in a positive way and with happy memories”.

Ms O, Warrington

” Sometimes, whilst having treatment, the ‘issues’ that come up make you wonder if Minna is actually psychic as they are so accurate! Amazing.”


” A very calming and mysterious treatment. I do not really understand how it works, but it has certainly helped me to feel more grounded and centred. I feeling I had not realised was previously missing. I am definitely much calmer than I used to be.”


” I am very impressed with HK. It is non invasive, has no side-effects and gets straight to the core of my problem of imbalance. I like the fact that through HK you can bypass the mind as it simply reads the body. It has been so accurate in terms of finding the underlying problems and bringing things back into balance. “

N. Doran

” I definitely believe that HK got Thomas to where he is now. He has improved greatly – I totally believe!! Fantastic!!! My husband who was not convinced when I first started bringing Thomas is converted too!”

J. Clark

” I wanted to let you know that C is so much better. He is thriving. Thank you for your help and caring.”


” When I first came (for HK) I was feeling heavy and tired with no enthusiasm and felt unable to move forward with my life. However, after only a few sessions I felt lighter – I changed my job and my enthusiasm for life had returned! I found it fascinating and beneficial on different levels.”


” The results have been so far nothing short of astounding. Staggering!!! Looking forward to next session.”


Photo of Minna Oldfield Hi, I'm Minna. I help my clients to let go of limiting beliefs, past hurts and traumas and optimise their health so that they can reach their goals and have fulfilling lives, relationships and careers.



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