Minna’s powerful and personalised
Flower Essence Blends for you

Tools for your inner transformation and catalysts for change
Order personalised flower essence blends (£30 incl. tax & postage, 30 ml bottle)

“My essence is really mind blowing by the way. Wouldn’t have chosen any of them but they are so accurate. Thank you. Think it shows the difference between our level of honesty with ourselves and reality!” — Clare

I distantly connect to you, test and make combination blends of Australian Bush flower essences, Bach flower essences and Bailey element essences to meet your unique needs and then further energise and personalise them overnight with magic!

Personalised flower essenceFlower essences work by enhancing the positive aspects of the qualities of your mind, emotion and personality.  By flooding you with positive qualities, the negative aspects or lack of positive are dissolved, and inner balance is restored.

Flower essences are totally safe and cannot be harmful to you in any way.  They combine well with all medication and supplements that you may take.  Flower essences are not herbal products. 1/3 of the bottle is brandy, which is used as a preservative for the essences.  Intake of alcohol is absolutely minimal in the drops you take.

Flower essences act by dissolving your negative thought patterns and allowing positive harmonious vibrations to replace disharmony within.  Water is the universal carrier of vibrational imprints.  In flower essences the water resonates with the vibrational imprint of a particular flower. This resonance has healing and balancing qualities and can be detected by Kirlian photography.

Go ahead and order yours now!

Order personalised flower essence blends (£30 incl. tax & postage, 30 ml bottle)

Paypal payment method allows debit and credit card payments to be accepted. No Paypal account necessary for purchase. You can review the order in the shopping cart before you finalise it.

“During the first week of starting my flower remedy from Minna I noticed a massive shift, — , thereafter I felt energised, more controlled, disciplined and my mind feels clearer. I feel like my energies have cleared to a healthier state. Overall I think your flower remedies are beautifully positive and helpful. Thank you, Minna” — Alison

Photo of Minna Oldfield Hi, I'm Minna. I help my clients to let go of limiting beliefs, past hurts and traumas and optimise their health so that they can reach their goals and have fulfilling lives, relationships and careers.



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